Employee Appreciation during covid-19

To our amazing staff, thank you for all the hard work you have done this year and continue doing. We are proud of all of you for persevering and remaining in high spirits during these difficult times. Your hard work and dedication has provided over 1 million 3 ply surgical masks to our front line workers!

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Get your employees ready for the workplace

Get your employees ready for the workplace by giving them the safety and comfort they need to stay healthy.

Amana Healthcare is a medical and safety manufacturer and supplier 

Keep your children safe during winter

Now, more than ever, the healthcare and safety of our children comes first. During these hard times we were able to keep our children close to us and keep them safe. As they return to school during these cold winter times we can help you continue to keep them safe and protected whether they are in class or on the playground.

We offer locally manufactured medical products

We manufacture premium quality goods through our innovation and years of experience in the medical industry. We manufacture and supply high quality, low cost medical and safety consumables. 

New revolutionary Air Disinfection Unit 

Preventing the spread of airborne pathogens through Ultraviolet Radiation

Designed to be used in: hospitals, doctors consultation rooms, schools, clinics, concert halls, prisons, residences, taxis, and many more public spaces. 

Manufactured in South Africa #Supportlocal #UVC #AirDisinfection #COVID-19 #Innovation

Knowledge and Learning 

With over 11 years of expertise and knowledge in the medical industry we are proud to introduce our new PPE product offerings