Amana Healthcare was born out of the vision of entrepreneur Kuben Naidoo to establish a factory that produces high quality medical supplies in South Africa. 

Over the period Amana healthcare has earned the respect and credibility of major state and private clients in the South African Medical sector. Amana Medical (Pty) Ltd trading as Amana Healthcare is a world-class medical supplier manufacturer in the medical-device industry through:       

Employee commitment and community respect

Our vertical integration and innovative customer specific internal systems/solutions  

Operational Excellence and Innovative technology

Level 1 B-BBEE Compliant 

100% Black Female Owned

Our vision

Our vision is to be the first-choice manufacturer and supplier of medical consumable products in Africa.

We deliver on our vision by constantly using innovative solutions to increase product delivery and range. This ensures that the highest quality standards are maintained year after year.

What we stand for

Our client base

State run hospitals, Private hospitals, Private doctor groupings, other medical suppliers (wholesale)


Dedication to honoring the inherent dignity of each individual internally and outwardly. Employees are encouraged to treat others with dignity and honor the uniqueness of each person they meet and work with. This includes co-workers and patients a like. A company that values dignity encourages employees to be proud of the work they do. 

Our people

We value our employees. We recognize our employees are one of our most important assets. We aim to create a positive working atmosphere nurturing personal development and job satisfaction. Empowering employees, patients and communities is vital for success in the healthcare industry. Giving people a platform to be their best reaps positive results. Empowered employees are more engaged and excited about what they do. Empowering is a value system strongly built in the Amana Healthcare brand.

Customer service

We value our customers. We are open to feedback and welcome open dialogue with our partners and end-users. It is this communication and ongoing customer feedback that allows us to provide value and maintain highest standards.It is also the basis for our support system providing customers with the means to leverage our products and maximize efficiency



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